///6 Cups Chinese Vacuum Body Cupping Massage Set
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6 Cups Chinese Vacuum Body Cupping Massage Set

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6 Cups Chinese Vacuum Body Cupping Massage Set

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Product Description

6 Cups Medical Chinese Vacuum Body Cupping Massage –  Healthy Therapy Suction Set.

The reflex method based on the most ancient traditions and successfully used by modern experts is the cornerstone of action of can massage.
The principle of this method is based on idea that all surface of a body is divided into the reflexogenic zones which are closely connected with function of the corresponding internals.
The vacuum which arose in bank irritates skin receptors, influences acupuncture points, thereby exerting beneficial influence on internals of an organism and stimulating their functions.

This kind of massage improves:

Peripheral blood circulation, a lymph, interfabric liquid at the expense of what the stagnation phenomena are eliminated, the metabolism and skin breath amplify. Skin becomes elastic, its resilience to negative factors of environment increases, sokratitelny function of muscles improves, their tone and elasticity raises.

As a result – there is an activation grease and sweat glands through which salts are emitted, urea, acetone, bilious acids, in certain concentration they are toxic for an organism, it gives the chance to compare a method of can massage to effect of a bath.

It is possible to establish nozzles with a magnet for impact on biologically active points a magnetic field. The magnetic field formed by the magnet 2500 gauss which is inside banks gets into fabrics on depth from 6 to 9 cm. It improves blood circulation and makes active a metabolism at the level of cages


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