///Baglamukhi Yantra – for the Power and Victory
  • Багаламукхи янтра

Baglamukhi Yantra – for the Power and Victory

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Baglamukhi Yantra – for the Power and Victory

Size: 7*7sm.
Material: Copper, noble alloys

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Product Description

 Baglamukhi Yantra – for the Power, Victory and domination over enemies, including occult. Influence force word and belief.

Yantra Baglamukhi  it is used for finding of force, a victory over enemies and overcoming of obstacles in life, and also protects the person from negative influences, gossips and rumors. Besides, this Yantra protects the person from injuries, accidents and complications during operations.

Baglamukhi is the Goddess of the speech and therefore it is connected with Tara and is considered as one of its forms.

When the sound turns to the public, Tara becomes radiant Bagla and pacifies everything living beings. This hypnotic quality of Bagala (Bagla) is shown in the Divine Word which muffles egoistical impulses in the person and makes silent. The goddess allocates the Word with such amazing force that people lose a speech power, but find gift of understanding.

Baglamukhi  allocates the person with iron logic, art of the incontestable proof and convincing statement. Therefore, the Goddess is capable to inspire those who are involved in discussions and debate.
Nobody can win against it because It radiates natural energy of the original Nature.


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