///Guru Jupiter Yantra – Wisdom, Spirituality, Generosity
  • Янтра Юпитера

Guru Jupiter Yantra – Wisdom, Spirituality, Generosity

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Guru Jupiter Yantra – gives wisdom, a big outlook, generosity.

Size: 7*7sm.
Material: Copper, noble alloys

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Product Description

Jupiter Yantra: Jupiter, Guru or Brihaspati: Ruler Of The Northeast.

Spirituality. Knowledge. Joy, enthusiasm. Enlivens the sacred northeast sector. Helps rectify room or heavy objects in NE, or windowless, blocked NE.

Bṛhaspati (Sanskrit: बृहस्पति, often written as Brihaspati or Bruhaspati) is a Hindu god described as being of yellow or golden color and holding the following divine attributes: a stick, a lotus and beads.


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