///Kala Sarpa Yoga Yantra – successful undertakings
  • Каласарпа йога Янтра - для разрешения препятствий в любых начинаниях

Kala Sarpa Yoga Yantra – successful undertakings

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Kala Sarpa Yoga Yantra – successful undertakings

Size: 7*7sm.
Material: Copper, noble alloys


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Kalasarpa Yoga Yantra – for permission of obstacles in any undertakings

Neutralization of adverse influences even in exceptional and hard cases. Retracting karmic debts, an exit from a circle of misfortunes.

“Kala” it is translated as “time”, “Sarpa” – “snake”, and “Yoga” – “combination”, thus, indicates Kal Sarp’s need of Yoga that the soul is in captivity at the Snake of Time because of the former karmic debts.

Long, inexplicable failures can indicate unusual or unexpected situations against which the person will come up in life because of a karma of the former embodiments.
Clean it, using this yantra – Kalasarpa of the yogi Yantr.


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