///Pendulum for BioLocation. “A Bullet – 3 parts”
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Pendulum for BioLocation. “A Bullet – 3 parts”

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Pendulum for biolocation ― obtaining answers to questions.

Biolocation ― is ability to catch and decipher any information.

  • Obtaining answers to questions. A pendulum – the main stuff for a biolocation.

Metal Pendulum.
Production of India.

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Product Description

  • Biolocation ― taking sacred (hidden) information. Pendulum and frame ― answers to any questions. The biolocation ― is ability to catch and decipher any information. To begin to experiment with a biolocational pendulum it is the is best of all alone.
    • Having begun to experiment alone, you achieve success quicker. Bolshenstvo of people to hold a pendulum in that hand to which they write. Experiment with both hands, but begin your experiences with the right hand if you the right-handed person, and with left ― if the lefthander.
    • How to hold a biolocational pendulum: – if you sit, lower an elbow on a table, and you hold a chain or a thread of a biolocational pendulum between big and index fingers, trying to squeeze it absolutely poorly. Track that your stomach or other hand inadvertently did not touch a table. The palm of the hand holding a biolocational pendulum has to be turned down, the pendulum has to hang in 30 cm from you. If you stand, then it is the best of all to bend an elbow at an angle in 90 degrees ― at the same time your forearm will appear parallel to the earth.
    • Track that your hands and legs did not cross. If you unconsciously protect yourself in this way, you will involuntarily make a certain impact on a biolocational pendulum, having reduced thereby efficiency of its work. You can independently check this fact.
    You hold a pendulum directly before yourself, giving it the chance to be shaken freely. Then cross legs or shift densely a foot. And you will see that the biolocational pendulum will stop the movement.
    Questions to a biolocational pendulum: – now you are ready to ask a pendulum questions. Begin with questions, answers to which are already known to you.
    Define what FOR YOU means “YES” and what FOR YOU means “NO”.
  • You can ask: “I am a man?” And if it so, your biolocational pendulum has to answer “yes”. Certainly, if you the woman, the answer is “no”.
    You can ask similar questions of your name, age, marital status, the number of children etc. The purpose of similar poll ― to study properly the movements of a biolocational pendulum and to be convinced of validity of his answers. Most likely, you will find out that there is no difference whether you ask the questions aloud or only think of them.
  • We wish success with all of yours undertakings! Also remember – ANYONE can be trained in bio-energetics.


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