///Rahu Yantra – treatment of hard curable diseases
  • Раху Янтра - легко преодолеваются тяжело излечимые болезни
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Rahu Yantra – treatment of hard curable diseases

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Rahu Yantra – hard curable diseases are overcome

Size: 7*7sm.
Material: Copper, noble alloys

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Product Description

Rahu Yantra – hard curable diseases are overcome

By means of a yantra to Rahu hard curable diseases which nature is not clear are overcome, – including cancer, violations of endocrine and immune systems.

To Rahu is the shadow planet which does not have the material embodiment. To Rahu – extremely powerful. In some writing shadow planets are called the strongest, it is considered that knowledge of them was imparted only orally.
Shadow planets – karmic planets, in them the karma of the person is most of all shown. To Rahu – the planet of the future, she is responsible for our following embodiment, progress, serious breaks in life. It is the force going from the past and influencing the future. Its main test – excessiveness and redundancy, lawlessness and an arbitrariness.
It gives those who diligently observes its lessons the huge inhuman force and an opportunity to make the strongest breaks in the destiny.

You can neutralize many diseases connected with RAHU! These diseases:

  • – Parasites
  • – Sudden diseases
  • – The difficult diagnosed diseases
  • – Mistakes of doctors
  • – False diagnoses
  • – Nervous breakdowns
  • – Modern diseases (flu, etc.)
  • – The diseases connected with ecology
  • – Cancer

Feel communication with this yantra and be adjusted on the KARMA – and some kind of.


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