///Shani Yantra – Saturn Yantra – neutralizes failures
  • Шани Янтра Сатурна

Shani Yantra – Saturn Yantra – neutralizes failures

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Shani Yantra – Saturn Yantra – neutralizes failures. Lord Shani’s Blessing.

Size: 7*7sm.
Material: Copper, noble alloys

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Shani Yantra – Saturn Yantra – neutralizes failures

Shani Yantra is also known as Saturn Yantra, complete blessings of Shani
Saturn gives to the admirers integrity, wisdom, spirituality, glory, patience, ability to direct, the power, long years of life, organizing abilities, sincerity, honesty, love to justice, distinction of the good and evil.

The accompanying mantra:
Om Praam Preem Proom Sah Shaneshchray Namah

This yantra of Saturn is used to get Shani’s attention and to reach his favor.
Shani Yantra it is useful to elimination of depression, attraction of success in wordly affairs, in business and the person can quite reach even dizzy heights.

  • It is necessary to perform the following operations correctly to treat Yantra:
    At first take a bath, make ablution of a body and be adjusted on good and the world.
    – Arrange to a yantr in the house or at office in the quiet protected place.
    – Wash a yantra immersion it in the milk divorced water.
    – Now close eyes and in peace quiet respectful mood present to the Deity your desires.
    – Say a mantra (bidzha-mantra) corresponding to this yantra of at least 9 times.
    – Do all aforesaid regularly.


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