///Tibetan Big Singing Bell – 20,5*11*11sm.
  • Тибетский поющий КОЛОКОЛ
  • Тибетский поющий КОЛОКОЛ ДРИЛЬБУ

Tibetan Big Singing Bell – 20,5*11*11sm.

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Tibetan Big Singing Bell – 20,5*11*11sm.

Material – noble alloys (a secret of the Tibetan production)

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Product Description

The Tibetan Bell Singing – 20,5*11*11sm.

Sacred Tibetan ritual Bell of Drilbu. It is used in practicians of the Buddhism when carrying out various ceremonies and ceremonies.

Among esoteric schools of the Western world, the Tibetan singing bells – along with the singing bowls – used for clarification for any space. For this purpose methodically take sound vibrations from a bell, either blow of a uvula of a bell, or a rotation method to edge of a skirt of a bell a wooden stick resonator, eliciting the lingering vibrating sound of this or that frequency depending on bell size.

Symbolizes the Feminine and Great Emptiness as the sound comes from silence and comes back to it.

The handle of a bell is executed in the form of one party of Vadzhra – a symbol of the Universe and the Machismo.
Also the Bell protects from negative influences during rituals.


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