///Esoteric homeopathy | Video Course
  • Эзотерическая гомеопатия

Esoteric homeopathy | Video Course

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Esoteric homeopathy – video

Homeopathy is a curing of disease via similar to that disease’s substance. This way is presented in the form of scientific method by the Master of Esoteric School “Kailas”, Andrey Andreevich Duyko.

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Esoteric homeopathy | Kailas DVD

The highest mission of the doctor is and always will – recover the patient health!

Homeopathy is not just a medical method.

Its correct application includes the whole sequence of spiritual, creative and ethical measurements.

In this seminar for you the following subjects will be opened:

1.     Incredibly the most powerful system of curing of the diseases and negative psycho-emotional states by means of a method Esoteric homeopathy.
2.     Curing of internal diseases and increase in the energy potential by means of a method the Esoteric homeopathic tablet
3.     Understanding of process of aging, merge of a method of the mathematician Kozyrev and esoterics. The method allowing the person to increase internal energy and to get rid of aging. An esoteric method against aging process – Kozyrev’s method!
4.     Respiratory method: Hermes’s vacuum as findings of spiritual and physical health.
5.     Vaisheshika – ancient Vedic system of curing of the person through a prism of philosophy of Vaisheshikas. Curing of a power body, power structure.
6.     Sacral architecture – restoration of a backbone of the person by means of a touch to the head of the patient and forming of a mental power stream.
7.     Health of the person and methods of work with the ancient Vedic Adobe system and energy of the person.
8.     A.A. Duyko’s master class – Association of magic influence on the person with his additional introduction to a condition of a hypnotic trance. Disposal of addictions and stutter in one step.
9.     Selection of individual therapy and individual food by means of connection and direct transfer. Duyko A.A. Reiki.
10.  Vadzhra-Sattva practicians of harmonization of a power and physical body of the person.
11.  Curing of power channels and power-centers by means of a method – Vadzhra-Sattva-Tantra breath.

All methods presented at this seminar are aimed at profound knowledge of the physical and spiritual body – on the way to own health, longevity and spiritual human height.



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