///Esoteric methods – Fulfillment of Desires | Video DVD
  • Методы исполнения желаний

Esoteric methods – Fulfillment of Desires | Video DVD

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Look at a seminar “Fulfillment of Desires” – and you will be able to enjoy life to the full what you will wish! Present what could be your life if all your desires were granted.

What would you feel, having received the new apartment, expensive car, one million dollars? In order that you could feel as the wizard – Andrey Duyko’s course “ Fulfillment of Desires ” is intended.

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Esoteric methods – Fulfillment of Desires | Video DVD

With this video course you find out:

— as it is correct to formulate the desires that they could be executed;

— as adherents of methods of visualization and why their dreams are not executed strongly are mistaken;

— how to accelerate fulfillment of desires in thousands of times;

— how to clear the power cocoon for elimination of all barriers and attraction in life of the necessary events;

— how to work with the consciousness to attract money, health, success – and any other treasures of this world!

You receive secret mantras, talismen and symbols, ancient esoteric practicians, magic ceremonies and rituals – to learn to operate the life, embodying even the most impudent and most improbable dreams!

In the program of a course the – only checked, effective methods yielding fast result:

— the Rope method;

— practician Dvadashanta;

— the Tibetan practice of a materialization of objects (what you will present in the hands during this practice – will belong to you in real life soon);

— ritual “Embodiment” — very ancient Hindu method of the instant embodiment of dream;

— method of production of the “magic” word;

— a mantra and a symbol of execution of all desires (gives practicing the unique chance: any his desires arising throughout all subsequent life will be executed);

— a symbol which by 1000 times accelerates implementation of your plans and gives the maximum realization in life;

— the talisman the Brazier of Murti who not only will present you execution of the most cherished dream but also will make you interesting and attractive in the opinion of other people;

— a secret mantra, practicing which you will find bright, happy life and will achieve all goals;

— ancient ceremonies for fulfillment of desires.

These methods so quickly work that no force in this world will be able to prevent execution of your dream. All barriers will be dissolved, all ways will conduct you to that life of which you dream!

Touching the real esoterics! Take a key which will open for you all doors!


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