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  • Пятая ступень обучения в Школе "Кайлас"

Fifth Stage | Kailas DVD

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The Fifth Stage of training – Kailas School

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Program of the 5-th Stage of School Kailas

  1. Healing — methods of curing by means of a consciousness ata.
  2. Tabasu-method head magnet.
  3. Null-Knowledge and fulfillment of desires.
  4. Null-Knowledge and healing.
  5. Galing and Shita methods of the free breath.
  6. Methods of work with hollowness.
  7. DNA — an Null-Knowledge
  8. Mahabharata kriyya
  9. Focusing of the happiness
  10. Definition and work with the centers of the consciousness and centers – points of assembly.
  11. Methods of work with coppers – 4 and 5 charkas. Trident and methods of true action.
  12. Streams and Reiki of School Kailas
  13. Work with the destiny module — a destiny vector — work with a karma
  14. Secret methods of work with Kundalini.
  15. Practice of the lightened consciousness.
  16. Pearl of Mind and methods of work with it
  17. Universal Pendulum — survey future and antecedents.
  18. Methods of working with Time.
  19. Touch work with Shilingam’s Moon
  20. Development of abilities of Buss
  21. Retracting bindings and individual bindings
  22. System of ADMIRATON.
  23. Kurukkulla.
  25. Way of Bodkhi  — alloyage with seven luminescences


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