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  • Первая ступень Школы КАЙЛАС
  • Школа Кайлас - ПЕРВАЯ СТУПЕНЬ

First Stage | Kailas DVD

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• The first disk that is offered for pupils of Kailas School – the updated videocourse of the First Step of Kailas School 

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Product Description

The updated videocourse of the First Stage of Kailas School –  chance to change Your Life to the Best!

More than 12 500 pupils are from around the world ready to confirm it!

This course was created and improved for five years. You will touch the real, working esoterics by means of which you will be able to operate the life and to reach the maximum self-realization.

The most surprising at our school is an energy which is transferred directly from the Master to the pupil. Secret dedications, individual practicians and practical guidances on achievement of a goal.

Having passed the first Stage you will begin to work with the charkas — (power centers), to diagnose and change work of the power centers of other people, to accumulate and transform some types of the internal energy, to be occupied by power cleanings of the space surrounding you.
You are connected to the power channel of esoteric school, receive dedication and two types of vibration.

  1. Technology of consolidation of space energy.
  2. Work with power space, cleaning of power space, power cleaning of food, clothes, housing, household items.
  3. Creation of the elementary power programs.
  4. Power device of the person.
  5. Diagnostics of charkas.
  6. Diagnostics of aura.
  7. Power protection.
  8. Vampirism, malefice, damage — methods of diagnostics and removal.
  9. Charkas — methods of work with charkas.
  10. Mantras and their influence on human life.
  11. Receiving a personal sign of profit.
  12. Connection under the channel of happiness.
  13. Transformation of internal energy.
  14. Power device of the person, centers of accumulation of energy in the person, NADI channels.
  15. Technicians of a set of astral energy.
  16. Technology of removal of power clips.
  17. Technology of clarification of a power cover.

Connection under a sign of school Kailas, a mantra of school.

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  • Accession to Kailas School after purchase of a disk (after A. A. Duyko’s consultations)



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