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  • Привлечение Фортуны

Fortunе Attraction | Video Course

155.00 $

Fortuna’s involvement | Kailas DVD

Order a seminar “Fortuna’s Involvement” – you are expected with grandiose events and fantastic changes!

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Fortunе Attraction| Video Course

There are people to whom Fortuna always smiles!
For which the huge number of bright, joyful events is prepared. People who are doomed to be successful, rich and happy.

For you there is good news. You – such person!

Confirmation to it is that the destiny led you to a new seminar of A. Duyko “Attraction of fortune”.
Prepare: from this point your life will forever change.

You receive the unique magic rituals known only to the most influential people of this World!

“This seminar will help to open a gate through which the mad events called by eternal luck and Fortuna will enter your life!”
A. Duyko

To you surprising secrets, and also esoteric practicians who disappeared in the millennia from ordinary people will be revealed.

  1. You learn how by means of simple daily actions to appear in a stream of a fart and abundance.
  2. You will get rid of complexes and you will forever destroy power blocks which interfered with your success.
  3. Subordinate to yourself energy of luck.
  4. You learn(find out) the secret ritual of Sadkhan Dranatkh opening access to all material benefits of this world.
  5. Be exempted from the karmic reasons of the misfortunes.
  6. You will master the method of the Chinese acupuncture allowing to influence destiny by means of activation of power points of your palm.
  7. Receive sacral practice of Divine ecstasy thanks to which at any moment of life, under any circumstances, you will be able to feel a condition of rest and happiness.
  8. You will find ability to make talisman for implementation of your purposes: a talisman on a big prize, a talisman on attraction of good luck, a talisman on execution of desire, the talisman preserving your family, and a great number of others.
  9. Receive the yantra allocating you with unusual power – to achieve success in any business.

After a seminar your life will cardinally change to the best! You will become the person at whom all people around will look with admiration and delight.

Use this opportunity to become happy and successful NOW!


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