///Fourth Stage | Kailas DVD
  • Четвертая ступень обучения в Школе «Кайлас»

Fourth Stage | Kailas DVD

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The Fourth Stage of training – Kailas School

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The Fourth Stage of training at Kailas School

  1. Kohn-Sin — opening of a Gate of Heart – connection of all energy of love in one Power Copper. Special mantras, short circuits, breath.
  2. Information with Breath — breath by means of which you begin to receive sacred information, cools intestines, heart, a pancreas.
  3. Formation of Sacred Fire – merging of the centers to formation of a sacred pyramid – sexual sublimaton, allows to concentrate energy in a certain volume in a certain place.
  4. ChOD – Tibetan System of spiritual work with inner world – through special methods of visualization.
  5. Creation of Free Double — the technician at which you can construct the free double, the power-image in space through which you will be able to make impact on the outside world – also to receive information.
  6. Cutting of Attached Double.
  7. Technology of work with Internal Voice.


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