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  • Мантры - основной курс

Mantras – Basic course | Kailas DVD

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From this basic MANTRAS videocourse – you receive practical skills on the correct singing of mantras, necessary knowledge which will allow you to transform your life, prosperity, spiritual experience.

Manra will help to solve your financial problems, will relieve you of chronic fatigue, depressions and irritability, realize your dreams and desires, find family happiness.

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Product Description

Mantras – Basic course

Videocourse  “Mantras” – basic:

  • The training lesson.
  • How to read mantras, chakra’s Bell using, Vadzhra’s, what beads when we read mantras are necessary.
  • Mandzhushri’s mantra. Rejuvenation, success in all undertakings and affairs, blossoming and disclosure of talents at the person.
  • Avalokiteshvara’s mantra and Green Tara. Attracing people, who will bring a large number of pleasure, love and happiness.
  • Vadzhra Satva’s mantra. Attracts success, material welfare, family happiness in life, opens mental abilities.
  • Mantra of Amitabkhi. Enlightenment of an inner world. Creates in the person of vibration of absolute happiness, and gives a full pacification, solves global problems in life.
  • Love mantra. Strengthens to sparking love and destroys illusion of love
  • Work with angry (hungry) spirits. Relieves of stresses, depressions and oppressions. Pacifies practically all diseases and harmful spirits
  • Mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum“. Cleans egoism of the person that is the main obstacle to awakening and finding of true love, spiritualiry. This is one of main mantras of Universe.
  • Adzhuodzhnyan’s mantra. Allows to get rid of internal state of uneasiness, concern and a dissatisfaction in life. Increases joy of life.
  • The mantra directed to curing of the musculoskeletal device. Cures backbone diseases
  • “Vadzhra Chakra” mantra. Gives energy, and also makes the person purposeful, resolute and successful.

Manra which you will get in online store Kailas will help you to change cardinally your view of the world surrounding you, will help to attract in your life: the love, health, good luck, to realize your creative potential, to change to the best your financial wellbeing.
You receive practical skills, understanding, TRUE sound of mantras.



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