///Second Stage | Kailas Video Course
  • Вторая ступень обучения в Школе «Кайлас»

Second Stage | Kailas Video Course

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The Second Stage of training – Kailas School

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The person needs to know how his sexual energy influences his life. Techniques of 2-nd Stage gives the chance to receive a huge reserve of energy – from sexual plan, increasing at the same time a vital resource of the person. To repair relations with sweethearts.

In traditional Chinese culture, Qì or Ch’i    (also known as Gi in Korean culture, Ki in Japanese culture and Prana in Indian culture) is an active principle forming part of any living thing.

  1. Methods of health diagnostics
  2. Energy of the internal organs – teaching
  3. Wu-Cin
  4. Chi-Gong nutrition
  5. Chi-Naytszan
  6. Techniques of transformation of internal energy
  7. Working with Chi energy
  8. Breathing exercises
  9. Work with Signs of School Kailas
  10. Techniques of management and transformation of sexual energy
  11. Techniques of rejuvenation
  12. Mantra for weight loss
  13. Techniques of connection with signs, people, objects
  14. Sexual energy, short circuit with the woman, development of sexual power
  15. Work with pain, transfer of pain, carrying out of pain – out of body
  16. Techniques of retracting problems from own life
  17. Clear Knowledge

Having passed the second step – you learn to transform the negative emotions to positive very quickly. Learning to control pain. Learning to use energy of Chi. Build and start the power-centers Chi.


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