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  • Шестая ступень обучения в Школе "Кайлас"

Sixth Stage | Kailas DVD

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The Sixth Stage of training – Kailas School

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Sixth Stage | Kailas DVD

The sixth step opens super paranormal abilities! Here we learn to direct these super abilities. This step completely power. During its passing – connections to channels, the most complex technicians of visualization become.

Sixth Stage seminar:

  1. Esoteric methods management the Sphere of consciousness. Management of consciousness layers strengthening of consciousness.
  2. Development of paranormal abilities of consciousness – the Wind rose.
  3. Work with the consciousness by means of a method pentakl. Development by paranormal ability intuition.
  4. Methods of work with energy of a kundalina management of a kundalina Yan and yin. Kundalini of the yogi.
  5. Finding of sacred fire of blissful consciousness. Esoteric methods the increasing consciousnesses and memories.
  6. Methods of work with practicians of disclosure of paraspace.
  7. Secret meditation in a condition of the observer.



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