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  • Третья ступень обучения в Школе "Кайлас"

Third Stage | Kailas DVD

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The Third Stage of training – Kailas School

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The Third Stage of training at Kailas School – Video Andrey Duyko’s Course

  1. Creation of 3 divine circles of MALA.
  2. Creation of a Nyasa by means of beads – new system of spiritual-protection.
  3. Merge to a Tkhanka – techniques of consciousness transferring
  4. Presentation of a Term on the BON System (ancient tibetan) – healing disease by means of magic sight.
  5. Movement of Energy – Big and Small divine circle. Work with the 8-th chakra.
  6. TsON-of the technician of a gold luminescence.
  7. Work with energy of a Kundalini with TAO system. Work by means of visualization – 16 signs of School. Promotes development of TELEGNOSIS (3-rd Eye) , paranormal abilities.
  8. TWIST – techniques of work with external energy.
  9. Technology of development of an astral levitation, conscious dreaming.
  10. Technician Raskrytiya of the nature of mind.
  11. Vital | Sexual energy control techniques.
  12. Technique Chenliya – TELEGNOSIS (3-rd Eye) development
  13. Creation of a Nimbus.
  14. Opening channels of Nadi.
  15. Opening of the Exclamation Mark.
  16. Many other practicians.


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