//Gvorgin TF | Prevention of atherosclerosis of vessels.
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Gvorgin TF | Prevention of atherosclerosis of vessels.

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Gvorgin TF | Prevention of atherosclerosis of vessels

| Influences the general condition of an organism.
| For curing: Ischemic heart disease, Diseases of vessels, Rheumatic heart disease, Arythmia, Hypertension

It is also effective also at such manifestations as depression, uneasiness, sleep disorders, morning slackness, irritability, frustration of a dream and appetite.

Agent in capsules (60 pieces in packing). Tibetan Formula.

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Product Description

Gvorgin TF

Normalizes cholesterol level in blood. Strengthens and increases elasticity of walls of blood vessels.

| It is recommended: The adult to include in a food allowance as the means all-strengthening and positively influencing a condition of vessels. It is used for prevention of cardiovascular diseases and atherosclerosis of vessels. Normalizes cholesterol level in blood, strengthens and increases elasticity of walls of blood vessels, reduces deposits of lipids and calcium on walls of vessels.
It is shown during the curing of cardiovascular insufficiency, a cardiosclerosis, organic defects of the mitralny valve, when weakening a cardiac muscle and warm weakness, diseases of vessels, arteritis, arteriosclerosis, a vaskulit, an inflammation of arteries and veins. The balanced composition of vegetable components promotes a normal metabolism in your organism.

| Recommendations for applying:
1 capsule 2 – 3 times a day during nutrition within 1 month. Repeat a course if necessary. A break between courses – not less than 30 days.

| Composition: an oak ordinary, the shlemnik Baikal, a nutmeg, a meadowsweet vyazolisty (meadowsweet), alty medicinal (root), a feltwort skipetrovidny, a willow, a lucerne, a burdock big, parsley garden, black pepper, horse-radish ordinary, a nettle dvudomny, devyasit high (Ínula), a dogrose, a pine ordinary, grape seeds, a lemon dried peel, a peanut, a cranberry.

| Contraindications:
In case of individual intolerance, pregnancy, lactation.


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