///Hudeys TF | Weight loss without hunger
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Hudeys TF | Weight loss without hunger

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| “Hudeys TF” will help you to restore optimum weight and to be loaded with energy.
This preparation – pride of the Tibetan Formula Company.
Only natural and environmentally friendly components.
Uniqueness of Hudeys of TF consists that you receive all necessary minerals and power additives.

| Use HUDEYS TF as during a diet, and just as meal substitute. Every portion contains all necessary vitamins and minerals which the organism exhausted by a diet and improper feeding needs. Weight loss – without serious consequences and constantly!

  • 2-4 WEEKS = fine body shape + energizing!

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Product Description

Lose weight with pleasure!tf-hudeys-choko-3

Hudeys TF is also added with main vitamins and minerals which are necessary in an organism, in particular, during diets for weight loss.

Adding chrome in Hudeys TF leads to preservation of an optimum level of glucose, preventing unforeseen attacks of hunger, and contained in the preparation L-carnitine strengthens process of combustion of fatty tissue.

The chrome which is contained in Hudeys TF is characterized by the best biodigestibility (31% higher, than at a pikolinat of chrome, is 67% higher, than at chrome chloride).

  • Fine taste and excellent solubility.
  • Strengthens combustion of fatty tissue.
  • Fine source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains inulin, chrome and L-Carnitine.
  • Product which was created with thought about health and beauty.

Choose fine tastes (filling) of Hudeys TF – PINEAPPLE or CHOCOLATE or ORANGE


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