//NS – Card | Prevention of cardio-vascular diseases
  • НС-КАРД. Тибетская Формула.

NS – Card | Prevention of cardio-vascular diseases

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NS – Card | Prevention of cardio-vascular diseases

Agent in capsules (60 pieces in packing). Tibetan Formula.

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Product Description

NS – Card. Prevention of cardio-vascular diseases.

| Promotes strengthening of a cardiac muscle, normalization of a cardiac rhythm, strengthening of blood circulation in heart vessels. Gives essential help in strengthening of your heart, improves a functional condition of cardiovascular system, and for a long time to keep health of heart. And healthy heart – is your forces and energy, endurance and activity, full-fledged life and ease in all affairs.

| Recommendations for applying:
1 capsule 2 – 3 times a day during nutrition within 1 month. Repeat a course if necessary. A break between courses – not less than 30 days.

| Composition: the lyubystok medicinal (Levisticum officinále), a gentian yellow, a leaf of bilberry, a root of a radiola pink, crude turpentine pine, a fenugreek hay, a root shchavlya horse, Hypericum, a Verbena medicinal, laurels the noble, oslandsky moss, a yasmennik fragrant (Asperulla odorata), devyasit high (Ínula), a hawthorn prickly (fruits), pepper red siliculose, a peppermint.

| Contraindications:
In case of individual intolerance of, pregnancy, lactation.


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